Q & A Vaginal Pessary

Q & A:Vaginal Pessary

1Will I always have to use this pessary?
Not necessarily.
Although pessaries are an alternative to surgery, your vaginal muscles may strengthen to the extent that your pessary is no longer required.
Sometimes pessaries are only required for strenuous exercises like jogging or hiking.
Certainly, if you are a candidate for surgery, your pessary is only temporary until corrective surgery can be performed.
2Can a pessary hurt or become uncomfortable?
A properly fitted pessary will never cause pain or discomfort.
You should be able to perform your normal daily activities without any difficulty.
3How often should I remove my pessary?
It is recommended that you remove your pessary daily to clean it using mild soap and water.
However, if you have difficulty removing your pessary, contact your healthcare provider and make an appointment for removal and cleaning.
Do not be alarmed if your appointment date is weeks away. It is not unusual for pessaries to remain in place from 4 to 12 weeks.
4What is my responsibility?
Your responsibility is to follow your healthcare provider’s instructions, wear your pessary, and keep all follow-up appointments.
If you should move, be sure to notify your healthcare provider.
5Will my pessary set off the alarm at the airport?
Absolutely not.
6Can I have sex with my pessary in place?
You certainly can.
If you need to remove your pessary, then do so.
7Will my pessary prevent pregnancy?
No, it will not.
A pessary is not a contraceptive device. If you are sexually active, wear a pessary and need to avoid pregnancy, then discuss this with your healthcare provider.
8Can my pessary fall out?
Yes it can.
If your pessary is too small or you need a different type of pessary, sometimes it will fall out. Whenever this happens, simply clean your pessary with mild soap and water and reinsert it.
If it is a persistent problem, then call your healthcare provider for an appointment.
You may need a different size or type.

Daily Care and Helpful Hints:

1I can’t remove my pessary, now what?
If you want to remove your pessary but can’t, don’t panic. Simply call your healthcare provider and schedule an appointment.
2My pessary seems to have moved out of position and is uncomfortable.
Wash your hands, lie down and push the pessary up as far as you can. Don’t worry, it can’t get lost. It’s impossible to push your pessary into your abdomen.
3I see some discharge and bleeding. What should I do?
Sometimes pessaries can irritate body tissue causing a slight discharge or bleeding.
Call your healthcare provider if it persists.
4What do I do about daily bathing?
Do not change your normal bathing routine because you are wearing a pessary.
5Should I douche?
You do not have to douche unless instructed to do so by your healthcare provider.