Q & A DIB Intermittent Catheter

Q & A:DIB Intermittent Catheter

1Can I use this product?
This product should be used on the advice of a physician.
Always be instructed by a physician before use and use as directed by your physician.
2How can I start use?
This product is not sterile.
For the first time use, put the disinfectant (as instructed by the physician) into the preservation tube.
Be sure to disinfect the catheter with the disinfectant before use.
After use, the urinary catheter should also be stored in a preservation tube containing a disinfectant for disinfection.
3How to clean and store?
If there is special instructions for the disinfection solution, it should be replaced according to the instructions of the physician.
Normally, it is recommended to clean catheters with mild soap and water immediately after use.
Rinse thoroughly and place it into the disinfection solution.
Change the disinfection solution every day.
4Can I infuse the balloon catheter with saline?
Do not fill with ingredients other than distilled or sterile water.