1What is the DIB URO CAP?
DIB URO CAP is a plug which connecting with Foley catheters, the cap can replace a urine collecting bag.
DIB URO CAP securely sealed magnet cap which prevents urine leak.
2How to use DIB URO Cap?
Connect the "DIB URO CAP" with the Foley catheter, insert the lower part of the magnetic cover body into an outlet of a Foley catheter to the end. (Refer the video)
3Can the DIB URO CAP be used with any Foley catheter?
DIB URO CAP will not choose the catheter brand, size. (Recommend use with silicon Foley catheter)
4I am currently use a urine bag. Can I use the DIB URO CAP for bathing or going out?
The DIB URO CAP can make the Foley catheter completely sealed, so it can be used in any occasions, such as going out, bathing, or doing rehabilitation exercises.
5Is the DIB URO CAP will accidentally opened?
The DIB URO CAP is securely sealed magnet cap attached with a fixed line to maintain the closure of the cap. (Be careful not to let the clothes to be caught into the middle of the cap to prevent magnetic sealed).
6How long can the DIB URO CAP are used?
It is recommended change new one for every month.